Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Garbage in, garbage out

I just thought it might be a bit of fun to sign up for Google AdSense to see what ads they might place on this blog spot. Before you sign up, they tell you that you can filter out undesirable ads.

So imagine my shock when I checked the site early Monday morning and found that they have listed pl--t-c b-gs and pap-r stuff like that, on a site that is trying to get people to STOP using p-as-i- ba-s and p-p-r.

I'm not spelling those words out in full in the (vain) hope that the Robot crawler that scans the site might be confused and not place any more of those offending ads on the site.

In my simple mind, one should be able to write instructions to tell a machine/software to 'exclude', 'negate', 'ignore' etc so that it does not do what it is doing to my site.

Imagine a site extolling the virtues of vegetarianism. We live in world of binary opposition. When we talk of vegetables, we often do so as in opposition to me-t (muscle from animals). The Robot, it appears to me, would see 'm-at' and goes, 'Ah, 'me-t'. Put 'm-at' ads on that site!'

By the same logic, if I were to launch a site promoting my Christian belief, and at some point mention 'Sat-n', the Robot would then pick up on 'S-tan' and list a whole bunch of ads on 'S--anism'.

I can't believe the technical team cannot do something about this. But they insist that they cannot, at least for now. Meanwhile I spend much of time filtering out pla-t-c ads. Very frustrating.

So if this experiment does not work and the AdSense become AdNoSense, then every ad will be removed. It's not as if I'm being paid lots of dosh for this. For whatever reason, my account stands at a remarkable $0.00. But every penny/cent earned, I thought, could be given to charity.

My charity would have to wait a long while, I'm afraid.

Back to Organic-Ally.


Tracy said...

Hi Organic-Ally,

I know how you feel about the Google Ads, I have spent months getting mine just about right, and am right up against my 200 url limit, so I hope I manage to keep my blog free of bottle feeding, car driving, plastic toy consumerist Google Ads.

You can but try.


LSP said...

Thanks THM. Obviously you have more patience than I do. 'Months' did you say?? There must be at least 2000 people out there selling pltc stuff. So what am I to do??