Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Beauty of reusable whatever

1st April 2016 Update: We do not stock Hankettes Cosmetic Squares any more, but have made-in-UK ones here.


The customer is always right.

So give them what they want, not what the shopowner wants.

Because I do not use make-up now, I didn't even think of selling the washable reusable cosmetic pads on the Organic-Ally business site. When I took the risk and imported my first batch, I was pleasantly surprised to find these quickly becoming very popular.

So it was a bit of a shock when I received an email from a prospective customer who told me that she liked the idea but does not like the pl-st-c packaging.

Immediately I had a quick pow-wow with my supplier and we now have the same soft reusable cosmetic pads packaged in an organic cotton gauze bag. The bag with a twine tie doubles as a 'wash bag', to stop these pads being lost in the washing machine.

We are proud to present reusable washable organic cotton cosmetic pads in new packaging.

Whatever helps to reduce the amount of disposable we use must be good for the environment, I think.

Please tell your friends about us.

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