Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lessons in the snow

It's a few cm of snow on the ground and everything grinds to a halt in the UK.

Why is it, I ask myself, that if our Scandinavian friends can cope with much more snow and higher summer temperatures, etc, that when weather conditions deviate slightly towards 'extreme', nothing works on this island?

Husband had a text from London Underground to say the station is closed due to 'unsafe platforms'. They knew it was going to snow and yet these platforms have not been made safe. Somewhere further down the line a faulty train was holding up the system and had been since early morning for I don't know how long.

At his 'alternative' station trains were running late as well due to 'adverse weather'.

Knock-on effects? Son's school is closed. We were already warned about this yesterday. The fact is a number of teachers and children depend on public transport to get in. Our roads were also not gritted, making it quite unsafe for children to be walking along the pavement.

And so on and so forth.

At least we managed to build a snowman in the garden. The process was turned into a Physics lesson as we experimented and discovered the best way to fix nose and eyes to the snowman.

Then son's classmate rang to ask if son would go over to play.

Father and son then walked round to collect my son. In a few minutes' time we'll do that in reverse as my husband would walk round to them to pick son up.

One hour round trip, but what fun to have in the snow? Make that slushy, yukky, slippery, icey, whatever you call that white/brown stuff on the ground.

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