Sunday, March 25, 2007

Happy Mother's Day ... ?

Husband took us to a nice pub for lunch on the Saturday before Mother's Day. He knew we wouldn't be able to get a booking any where for Mother's Day itself. To be honest, I wouldn't like to be stuck at a restaurant on Mother's Day at all.

Old couple sat next to us. Old man dropped something under the table. Old wife went, 'O! I guess I would have to crawl underneath there to get it for you.'

I wondered if I should have offered to help, but had no idea what he was looking for. (It turned out to be something to do with his diabetes testing equipment, I think.)

Finally their family arrived. A daughter came in, 'Happy Mother's Day!' and she never seemed to make eye contact with her mum again. I thought that was a bit odd.

Daughter recounted how many awards a son had been given since the last time they spoke. A few of them then disappeared to order their food.

Meanwhile Mum was left with daughter's young daughter. And to my horror, Granny made grand-daughter take out a book in order to read aloud to Granny.

Much as my young son enjoys reading, we have a rule that no reading is allowed at the table.

A family meal is surely not a time to test how well young grand-daughter has learned to read.

Now, does that explain why after a loud but curt 'Happy Mother's Day!' there was no eye contact between mother and daughter?

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