Monday, June 25, 2007


I've never been a fan of biofuels.

On the surface it is a plausibly greener alternative to fossil fuel. Delve deeper and the same issues about food production being substituted (whether to produce cattle grazing grounds for the hamburger chains or the production of biofuels to run our cars) to the detriment of feeding the poor emerges, and the argument falls apart.

So this lot of articles from The Ecologist, together with the following articles from I-SIS, are worth noting:

Biofuels for Oil Addicts: Cure Worse than the Addiction

Biofuels: Biodevastation, Hunger & False Carbon Credits

Biofuels Republic Brazil

The New Biofuel Republics

I was watching a TV programme (only because my business mentor mentioned it) where this chap is trying to win a 'tycoon' competition selling a bag to help people manage the plastic bags they carry (so that people would take them back to the supermarkets).

Shouldn't the solution be "not use plastic bags" rather than "buying another bag to store those plastic bags"?

Isn't this chap missing the point? Or am I?

Likewise with biofuels. Would it not be more logical to reduce the demand for fossil fuel rather than use them to produce a seemingly/allegedly 'greener' version with repercussions on the poorest people in the world?

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