Saturday, March 15, 2008

Converting to Cloth (Day Two)

Saturday: Disaster struck in the middle of the night.

I felt a spurt and knew I was 'flooding'. But I've also learned over the years that this was not a good time to get to the loo. I had to let the flow settle a little.

When I did -- 2.45am -- the liner was amazingly not totally covered in blood as expected, but part of the pad was stained and blood had flowed onto the knickers down one side. I must have been lying on my (right) side when the spurt occurred.

Drat! I thought. Does this mean that cloth is not for me? But as I examined the 'damage', I realised that this would have happened even if I was wearing a disposable maternity pad.

When lying on one's side there is no way that any pad would absorb the flow quickly enough before it runs off the surface.

Removed the 'regular' liner and let it soak in my new little bin (the one with feet). Re-arranged the bottom 'long liner' in clean underwear and went back to bed.

Between then and dawn I felt a few more spurts of blood and imagined that I would be in a total mess again. When I had a chance to check, the knickers were to my absolute surprise still clean. However the back end of the liner had folded over and was stained. This could have been easily avoided.

Stretching out the liner I discovered that I still had one clean 'panel' (the liner had been folded into five layers). So I rearranged this and re-inserted it into the pad to give me another dry surface.

I could really do with changing the pad at this point. But since I only had one of this size I couldn't. Mental note: at least two pads needed.

My flow is normally heaviest on the second day. About 10.30am I changed the 'long' liner for a new one.

The 'regular' one which had been soaking in cold water was washed out. The easiest way to get stains out seems to be to rub bar soap into it. The flannel is quite thick and rubbing in reaches out to every molecule of dirt. Then I used my thumb to go over the area until the stain goes and rinsed it out. It went onto a radiator to dry.

Since then we've been to the visiting French Market, had lunch, and now I am going to have a little rest from writing.


3.50pm: Felt big spurt as I started preparing a cake. Just put the cake in the oven now. Liner is wet, but not leaking. Knickers still clean. A-may-zing! In between I'd also been trying to find out as much as possible about what women think of washable pads.

Looks like opinion is divided. There are those who cannot sing its praises any louder, and there are those who way, "Yeuk!" and won't budge from that position.


We were all tired and decided to go to bed about 9pm. Re-arranged the liner again for a dry surface before going to bed.

Husband and I are serving communion at church tomorrow. Do I use a cloth liner and risk an accident, or shall I use cloth in faith?

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