Friday, January 30, 2009

Eco Buttons and Solar Panels

I was alerted to this gadget and thought it interesting.

It's supposed to be a button that helps your computer 'go to sleep', saving you energy and reducing your carbon footprint. Actually not just sleep but 'eco-sleep'. It's supposed to be able to save about £50 a year just by using it for three hours a day. Above and beyond what the normal standby features in a computer would do.

I haven't used it so can't say whether it is great or not, but might be worth putting on a Birthday Wish List, I guess.

Then I think why don't manufacturers put this feature in computers in the first place?

Or why don't governments insist that this becomes a required feature in new computers, like seat-belts in cars?

In fact, why doesn't the government legislate that all new homes should come with solar panels?

The husband is thinking of doing major works in the house (again, sigh, I HATE builders' dust). This time the plan is to put in some solar panels.

Our 'garden room' is south-facing and is a sun trap.

So I cannot complain, can I?

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