Monday, January 05, 2009

Try a little kindness

Last Saturday we ran into Mr H at the supermarket carpark.

He's our school gardener. He normally goes about doing his work quietly. For some reason we always greet each other and often stop for a chat. Then recently he lost his wife of many years (50-something?) very suddenly. He was making lunch. She went to the toilet, he heard a bang, and she was gone. Wedged behind the door, he could not even get to her and had to call in the Fire Brigade.

This year while making cookies for the school staff at Christmas I decided to also give him a little bag. A sort of 'thank you' for keeping the school grounds pristine and planting the little flowers that have added some needed colour everywhere. And the first Christmas after the death of a loved one must be so, so difficult.

Back at the carpark he told me even before I could ask that he'd spent time with his relations. O good, I said.

Then he went on to say how delighted he was with the cookies. He didn't want to eat them and instead went and showed them to the staff at the office.

He then turned to my husband to say some very nice things about me.

After this encounter I thought of the words from an old Glen Campbell song "Try a little kindness". It does not take too much to bring happiness to people.

What a blessing it is that one could do that! The delight on Mr H's face has given me so much joy.

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