Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here comes the Potters

We have not changed our family name, but 'potter' is a good alternative.

We spent the Easter Term break doing what potters do, pottering, or should that be what potterers do, in which case the headline should read "Here comes the Potterers".

We've never had the guts to get away at Easter. Husband had been a regular at A&E for three or four Easter weekends in a row. Last year we managed to stay away. This year we kept clear. Thank God!

But husband did manage to get away for two whole weeks from work (yay!) and we pottered.

Caught up with son's godmother. Pottered.

Had son's mate over for a sleepover. Pottered.

Took them to the Imperial War Museum. Pottered.

Went to Kew Gardens. Pottered.

Went to Stratford on Avon. Pottered.

Now we're back! But life won't return to 'normal' till Thursday when son returns to school.

Point is: there is so much to do in this great big country. So sometimes a bit miffed by the working parents at school who complain about not getting childcare on one hand and then spend all the school holidays in some exotic place or other requiring flying for several hours.

Having said that, we are probably one of the families in school who chalk up the most miles when we do go to Singapore. But that if for "visiting relations", not to go get some sun.

The only problem with pottering is: while son and husband are on holiday, I still have endless loads of laundry to do. Load after load after load.

So glad that when we do get to Singapore once in two years, husband insists that we get the laundry done at the place we stay in. And he always insists that we clear as much washing as possible before we fly back.

No washing, cooking, etc for two weeks. What more can I ask for?

Except that we might not be doing this for some time!!! (not checked for spelling, etc because I must now get to the cooking!)

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