Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Lord, don't make me a bunion!

Yesterday my son was chuffed to be playing his first rugby match for the school in the afternoon. If you've seen his 'sporting skills', you would understand why this is such a big deal in our household.

At breakfast I had to remind him of three things. Can't remember the first two, but the third was about teamwork.

Then we moved on to Paul's analogy of the church as the body.

Which part do you play? If everyone is an eye, what good is it? Or if everyone was a hand, not any good either.

Later on that morning I had the reason to think about this analogy again and almost prayed "Lord, don't make me a bunion."!

When I made this remark after dinner, husband laughed and said, "Or verrucca!"

Everyone in a church body has a part to play. But sometimes we get to a point when God allows us to go through the darkest of sorrows and deepest of pain. We are tired, we are worn. Everything around us seems to have caved in on us.

We cannot take it any more.

Instead of remaining a functioning part in the body of Christ, it is so easy to retreat and blame everyone else.

What about me? What about my role?

O, please Lord, don't make me a bunion. Or verrucca.

And if I, for whatever reason, should become a verrucca, say, are we not the person who has to do something about it first?

God, please help those church ministers and leaders who have to deal with church members who do not know which part of the body they should play.

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