Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One egg, three uses

I am becoming more like my mother every day.

My son is heading off back to school today. I had offered to make him pancakes, but a meeting got in the way. So I thought, "Ah! Pancakes for breakfast then."

Of course, being the efficient person that I am, I thought, "Ah! Prepare the mixture the night before."

Which I did.

Mixture done and stashed in fridge for the next day, I then put a finger into the egg shells to scrape off whatever egg yolk was left and ... just like my mum used to do ... smear it on my face.

You can feel the skin tighten. After a few minutes I washed off the eggy film. Has it been any good for my skin. Dunno. But it cannot be bad.

If you google egg white face mask, you will come up with loads of ideas and info about this very natural and nutritious face food.

That's (1) pancake mixture, (2) face mask and then

(3) after removing the membranous bit inside the egg shells I let them dry overnight. When dry I broke the shells into bits. This will later go into the garden to (a) hopefully deter the snails and slugs and (b) add additional nutrients to the soil.

My mum would have been so proud. One item, three uses.