Monday, October 20, 2014

Going mad over fabrics

My family and I went over the pond in the summer to attend my niece's wedding on the Pacific coast. I took the opportunity to shop for fabric.

Since I've lost my main source of organic cotton fabric I have been eyeing suppliers overseas. But this particular one does not ship abroad without a great kafuffle. And it's expensive.

So I ordered fabric which was delivered to my brother and picked it up on one of the several occasions we met up.

While cutting the fabric I was suddenly brought back to a floral pink (yes, I'm afraid) that I remember I loved so very much. My eldest sister worked in an import-export business and she had samples of everything under the sun that a little girl could want: buttons, fabric swatches, make-up, etc.

I remember a book of swatches which I took to school when I was about nine years old. I had to show my teacher that beautiful swatch. The fabric Miraleste (the orangey one) is a bit like the swatch from this memory.
Anyway, these have finally been made up into good size hankies. The fabric is so fine that although it appears to be large, it does not take up any space at all.
More colour hankies to come. Look out for them!