Wednesday, September 05, 2007

TV programme gave me pain in the neck

It came on after University Challenge, so we just sat there and watched.

It was a certain Nigella telling us how to cook 'express meals' after a long hard day at work.

I have seen a certain impressionist making fun of Nigella and this was the first time I've ever watch the real McCoy myself. And boy! Did it give me a pain in the neck.

The rate at which she -- how do you describe it? -- flick her hair (head?) back at the neck was so -- how does one describe it? -- annoying after the first few minutes.

She went on and on about her "busy work day".

And many hard-pushed stay-at-home mothers and working mothers who come home to work a second shift want to shout: HELLO! Why do you bother to work when you are married to a very rich man?

We don't grudge her marrying a very rich man. But the point is she COULD choose not to work at all. The fact that she does -- whatever 'work' she actually does -- means another person (probably a woman) who needs a job does not have one (or one that pays as well). I found the whole idea just a tat too patronizing.

Why does she not spend the time doing some 'good work' for the community without the TV cameras being there? Like spend time to help children in inner-city schools read, serve as a dinner lady, or sumfink like that? Be a female Jamie Oliver revolutionizing school dinners on the quiet?

But she has chosen to 'work', to maintain her financial independence, I suppose.

Sure, it is her right to work, but to make it look like, PRETEND, she's like most of the rest of female humanity (or "womanity"?), either having to struggle with bringing up children with totally inadequate support from an absent father, or who has to work to make the mortgage payments is, frankly, making capital (or worse, fun) of us. It's an insult, really.

She's being paid lots of money to show us what we should be doing -- be a bit like her.

But how many women you know are a bit like her: daughters of the former Chancellor of the Exchequer and married to a multi-millionaire?

I understand the men love her.

Back to Organic-Ally.

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