Sunday, December 28, 2008


We did something unusual this year. We took off to mum-in-law's the week before Christmas. It was a short, pleasant visit.

Amidst the doom and gloom I had to fight my own battles. On the Friday before Christmas my GP told me rather nonchalantly that I have arthritis.

Nothing much we could do, it seems. Physiotherapy was prescribed and if I am lucky (lucky??) I might be seen by a physio six weeks down the road and he/she might be able to prescribe exercises to prevent the arthritis from getting worse. Ouch!

Surely I am too young to get arthritis? GP said he's had arthritis since he was 32.

Was that supposed to cheer me up?

Apparently my kind of arthritis has to do with 'things' growing from my spine affecting the spinal cord. This was causing numbness in my fingers, leading to an x-ray which confirmed it.

Well, if my body can make boney material where there isn't supposed to be, does that mean that I am in no danger of suffering osteoporosis then?

Dunno. Actually I was so shocked by the diagnosis that I didn't get to ask many questions at the surgery. I found out more about my condition on the internet.

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Laura Brown said...

Aw, no, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope the physiotherapy works out for you. (Is there any chance of your being able to go private? You might see someone quicker that way.)