Monday, January 05, 2009

Organic gold

Malawi strikes organic gold

What a marvellous story.

This and other stories like this formed part of the impetus for me to start up Organic-Ally.

Some scientists might pooh-pooh the idea about going organic, that we cannot feed ourselves, etc. Well, maybe if we ate less but ate better?

Or how about eating less meat so that we could share the grain around?

I am a meat-eater, I must put my hand up to that, but I am also conscious that our family do not eat huge slabs of meat every day.

The other issue is of course scientists who focus on GM and conventional agriculture work on a very different scale whem compared with the smallholder farmers. The latter have a different set of problems and their problems need a different set of solutions.

There is a Chinese proverb that roughtly translates as "a long barge pole could knock everyone off the barge" (akin to not tarring everyone with the same brush).

It's easy to understand the mentality that we must not "rock the boat" (or barge). More difficult to say, "Hey! Let's take another boat. Jump ship."

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