Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Would you wear a shirt like this?

Bought shirts for son at the Singapore Zoo. The sleeves and bottom hem of one ended up looking like this after first wash:

Now the zoo shop people tell me it IS supposed to look like this. Here are the pictures they sent me to show what a new t-shirt SHOULD look like:

Except that I don't remember it looking like this on the display. And it did not look ripped on the day that son wore it. Basically I wouldn't have bought the shirt if I knew it was supposed to look "ripped".

Would you spend S$40 on a shirt that is ripped like that after first wash?

I think it is a rip-off.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

People on benefits should pick fruit and veg

Do you agree?

Original report here.

Yesterday as the IFS report tells us that the "poor" are worse affected than the "rich" given the new financial squeezes, our minds turned to the thousands needed to pick fruit and veg.

People complain that there are no jobs, yet thousands are recruited -- need to be recruited -- from overseas to fill these posts.

I have an East European chap working on my bathroom. He's very conscientious, very thorough, very diligent. And so polite. He didn't even dare put his radio on because I have mine on. Until I went out to do a shop.

No wonder this well-known local firm of bathroom specialists employ him.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sony Singapore O dear!

We are all set to check out of the YMCA hostel here which has been our home for the past two weeks.

Husband, however, has to trek over to Funan to get a battery for his new camera replaced. That is after we made the futile trek to Wisma Atria as instructed by the Funan salesman to claim our special wide angle lens at an incredible SGD99.

Sony is promoting this camera and enticing customers with a promotional offer, but when we went all the way to their distributor they have none of the lenses in stock. In fact they do not have this particular lens ANYWHERE in Singapore.

How then should they be allowed to carry on with this promotion? As husband says, "I see a letter (to the press) coming".

We tried leaving feedback at Sony website, but it does not accept complaints from tourists from the UK. (The drop-down menu does not feature either UK or USA, why?) So I phoned and guess what? they are closed because of a "company event" and they won't be available till Monday.

O great! We're flying today, Saturday.

Then it was clear that the camera battery we were given was a dud. We could not use it to take a panoramic (spelling?) picture of our family at dinner last night. Bah!

I hope Mr T is able to get his battery swopped quickly and what guarantee is there that it would work when we charge it up in the UK? None.

Thank you, Sony Singapore!