Monday, October 03, 2005

Farmers' Market and Styrofoam Cups

The weekly Farmers' Market at Pinner started three Sundays ago. We've only managed to get down there for the first time yesterday. (Church service ended rather late the first week. Then last week we decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary at our son's favourite eatery.)

It was wonderful to see such a wide range of food being sold. Better still to see the delight on the faces of the people at the market. Then we got to the soup stall. Son wanted to have his vegetable soup, but they could only sell it to us in a -- horror of horrors -- foam cup!

I've been going on and on about how I hate plastics. So I was not impressed. However, i must not blame the nice guy there selling such delicious soup. I should be the one bringing a sensible container with me to the market. Just like we used to do when i was growing up.

Came home and quickly emailed my cousin. Please bring me a stainless steel tiffin carrier when you come next week.

The other disappointment was the sheer number of plastic bags being given out. Some stallholders were using paper, and that was perhaps a bit better (still, trees needed to be cut down for those). Can't help but wonder how i am to persuade more people to use string bags, especially the organic cotton version. (!)

So if you see a Chinese female walking down the street with string bag over one shoulder and tiffin carrier in a hand, then it might well be LSP at !!


CPM said...

What's a stainless steel tiffin carrier look like, please post a photo if possible. I've been to the Pinner Market too, its very popular. Really fancy some home made Soup!

lsp said...

Hi! Catherine,
I wanted to post picture of tiffin carrier but hesitated for copyright reasons. If you did a search for it, you will see some pictures. I've seen some retailers do a 'thermos' version where the whole tiffin is immersed in a huge 'thermos flask'. Hope this helps!!