Sunday, October 09, 2005

My tiffin arrived

It has been an incredibly hectic week. There was a fund-raising event to help organize at son's school and a major church project to take care of.

At very short notice we were given a video project to sort out. I ended up having to edit 90-plus minutes of video footage into 12 minutes. On Friday I had to, unexpectedly, shoot some new footage to add to these 12, and eventually had to sub-title the whole project.

There was no script, no guidelines, no concept to work with. It was just: produce 15 minutes of video that we could show to the public.

I like hard work. I like the adrenalin of getting things done by a deadline. But I was so tired by Friday evening. When I started making mistakes and a pain was creeping up my wrist, I knew it was time to stop.

Saturday morning found me frantically splicing the video. Husband took care of son while I did this. Then it was his turn to complete the technical bit while I entertained our son ... well, more like getting him to complete his homework. Had to drop in at son's school to make sure someone was indeed making the salad for the evening event.

The video was required at 2pm. We finally completed it at 1pm. Got it down to church by 1.30pm and found a machine -- not the original one intended -- that would play it.

The good news is: my cousin arrived later on Saturday evening with my stainless steel tiffin carrier. Took it to the French market happening in our town this afternoon. The friendly French vendors did not know what to make of it, but were very happy to comply with my request.

I am chuffed.

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