Saturday, October 15, 2005

Tiffin for two (or three)

Cousin took us out to lunch as she normally does during her stays with us. We went to Oriental City in Colindale where there is a 'food court'. It's a concept familiar with us Singaporeans.

Different stalls sell different types of food in a 'court' (ie large hall) and we can purchase from any of the vendors, pay for it, wait for our order number to be flashed up on an electronic board, collect the food, and eat it any where we could find room to sit.

There's a wide range of foods ranging from Vietnamese to Japanese, different types of Chinese to cuisines from different parts of south-east Asia (Malaysian 'nasi goreng', Singaporean 'Hainanese chicken rice', Thai green curry, etc).

We had our greasy fill -- we do indulge once in a while -- but found that we could not finish the Shanghainese ('little dragon') dumplings that cousin ordered. To be honest, I didn't like it all that much. Usually, that would have gone to waste. Not today.

Today, in my organic cotton string bag, is my stainless steel tiffin carrier (see a picture of one here -- sorry, link broken). I went prepared, like a good former Brownie Sixer that I was.

So dumplings went into the bottom tier of the tiffin. Son thought it was a novelty and wanted to put his Japanese bread rolls in the middle tier.

We went out into the concourse and bought some 'kueh-kueh', Malaysian cakes made from casava (tapioca) and stuff like that, all laden with grated coconut.

'I can give you a plastic box,' said the nice man at the stall.

'No, thanks,' I said. The 'kueh-kueh' went into the top tier of my tiffin carrier. It does not add to the landfill.

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