Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How green is your competence?

I'd just sent off a courier who's driven up from Bristol to get my signature on an important form and now must get it back to Leeds.

It was a matter of urgency as we were haemorrhaging money with each passing hour. The root of this? Incompetence.

A simple thing like a document sent by registered post was signed for and then mysteriously disappeared meant that this courier needed to drive those miles with one piece of paper in one envelope to get to me, and drive many more miles even further away (to a third destination) to stop this haemorrhage.

Incompetence costs money, I've always known that. But it made me realise that incompetence, a lousy work ethos, a lack of initiative, ignorance, etc all contribute to unnecessary damage to this earth.

It's not only just a question of what we eat and drink, or wear, how we use water and power, etc.

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