Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How unethical would sir like his chicken?

So I ripped off the title from The Times writer Martin Samuel. This is his piece on how 'Our food is either cheap (yes, please) or organic (gosh, a bit pricey). Amazingly enough, you can't have both':,,171-1872148,00.html

As I said before in my original website, BSE came about when people wanted to buy cheap. Cheap now often means a higher price further down the line. Changing the vegetarian diet of cattle led to disastrous results. The only people who did not get blamed for the BSE crisis were the consumers who wanted to buy cheap. There is a much higher price to buying cheap.

Chicken is now cheap. As Martin Samuel said, this is achieved by 'putting fowl together in wire cages, with a legal space requirement per chicken that equates to three-quarters of a sheet of A4 paper'. So these chicken live and sleep in their own p--p (being very wary of the AdNoSense effect).

Moral of the story: 'You can’t have cheap ethical chicken'.

And now bird flu that might jump species to infect human beings and cause a pandemic is on the horizon. Still believe in cheap?

As for organic food, much of the organic food in Britain is imported while our own farmers are being forced into bankruptcy because of the ludicrous outworkings of the EU's CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), employment and immigration policies, and the big supermarkets that squeeze them dry.

This country is not working, is it?

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