Friday, November 18, 2005

What do rich people do for a treat?

Son won the Junior School Shield this week. (Yay!) The Shield is awarded each week to a different boy for different achievements apart from showing 'the most consideration for others'.

The boys know that it is an honour and my son was delighted. When Husband came back and asked him what he wanted for a reward for that unexpected achievement, his answer was: eat in front of the TV.

He was watching his Children's Bedtime Hour and all he wanted was eat in front of the TV.

Obviously this is not something he is allowed to do. We make it a habit to sit down for dinner and the TV is always switched off at meals.

Husband came into the kitchen where I was and chuckled, 'That's all he wanted, eat in front of the TV.'

Which reminded me of a conversation we had in the run-up to our wedding. We were in Singapore with the friend who was going to give the 'exhortation' at our wedding, and his family. His wife worked with very rich children in an international school and was telling us about some of the excesses that these children and their families indulge in.

What do rich people do for a treat?

They fly first class to Japan for a shopping trip. Amongst other options beyond the likes of us.

That really set us thinking? If we were really, really rich -- I mean really, really fithy rich -- when there is nothing that our money cannot buy [pause there now to think about holidays, yachts, aeroplanes, villas, businesses, all the branded goods at the most obscene prices, et infinitum], what then can we give ourselves as a special treat?

'Eh, you won the Shield! Well done! I think you deserve a special treat. What would you like?'

'Eat in front of the TV.'

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