Sunday, January 08, 2006

Assaulted at our own front door

Saturday afternoon and we all look forward to family time, right?

Door bell rings and a man tries to sell husband 'cheap phone calls'.

Not interested, said he, as our phone bill is so small in the first place.

An hour later, door bell rings again. This time, pretty young girl talks to him.

Our phone rings and I had to get up from my sewing machine to answer the phone.

Caller: [well, actually I couldn't make out what he was trying to say].

Me: Who do you want to speak to?

Caller: [still can't make out what he was trying to say, but no mention of name I could identify].

Me: I think you've got the wrong number.

Caller [shouting]: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Pizza! Order pizza.

Me: Not pizza. We don't sell pizza.

Caller [shouting even louder]: Order pizza.

Me: No pizza. Wrong number. Private home.

Caller: Pizza!

I hung up. He didn't even say "sorry".

While at the door husband tells pretty young thing, 'No, I'm not interested.'

Pretty young thing: You're not interested in saving money?

Husband: No.

PYT: May I ask why you're not interested in saving money?

Husband: I've wasted more money spending this time talking to you*.

PYT: What do you do?

At this point I had to butt in: Look! This man says he's not free. He's not interested. OK?

What with "Pizza!" shouted down my ears and an audacious "What do you do?", I've had enough.

It's none of PYT's business to know what my husband does. She and a colleague had intruded into our Saturday afternoon, and I felt like our privacy had been sorely invaded by people who have no right to bother us at our own front door in the first place.

Me, to husband: What do you do? What audacity! It's none of her business.

A bit later: You should have told her you are a pimp!

Yes, I should also have shouted down the phone: No pizza! Chinese takeaway!! What you want?

*Not really. But it makes him feel good talking that way!

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