Saturday, February 25, 2006

Being diabetic

This last midweek I had the most awful feeling that I might have got diabetes.

Mum suffered from diabetes for many years before the side-effects of her drugs led to multiple organ failure. Her sister suffered from diabetes and had a leg amputated eventually.

I am paranoid about getting diabetes and avoid sweets and sugars where possible. But this last week my constant thirst (and therefore subsequent visits to the loo) caused me to fear the worst.

I've not been able to get to the GP to rule it out or rule it in. Thankfully those awful symptoms of constant thirst have subsided.

I put it down to the side-effects of some antibiotics I had to take, although I don't remember such an reaction in previous times.

Then it struck me that we, as a family, had been consuming more and more organic food, fruit and drink. When I leave husband to do the shopping, even the most ordinary food (say, jam, flour) is organic.

Could my unfamiliar side-effect be due to a body that has been 'de-toxed' from a diet that is usually pumped full of antibiotics? Who knows?

Any way, yesterday at toddlers group, I went and told the ladies at the kitchen. Sweet old Peggy, 70-something and diabetic, 'O, darling, you know I was size 18 when they told me I was diabetic.'

She was convinced that a skeletal size 8 cannot be diabetic. 'But, darling, if you're really worried would you like me to bring in my ...'

'... dip-stick?'

Peggy laughed, 'She knows what I'm talking about.'

O yes, Peggy. Mum had dip-sticks, colour charts, syringes, insulin, cataract, etc. You name it, I've seen it, and that is why I hope Peggy is right about size 8's and diabetes.

Meanwhile, if those symptoms return again, it will be straight to Peggy to borrow her dip-sticks to test for glucose in my urine.

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