Friday, June 23, 2006

Hayfever Update (who cares?)

Hayfever bad over last weekend. It was so bad last Friday I used up all my hankies (could not turn them around quickly enough). Even borrowed some of my son's old hankies. When even these ran out, I had to resort to paper.

Big mistake. Nose was already pink from constant pressure of nose-blowing. Within minutes of using paper, nose turned a bright red. It was painful and I had to take to bed. Sunday morning was still bad and I had to take to bed instead of going to church.

Monday morning, met my ladies for prayer as usual and they prayed for some relief for me. Found myself saying, 'It's not that bad because I know it's not going to last forever.'

Have been trying a new regime now for the week:

(1) wipe nose with soft cloth hankie (organic cotton of course),

(2) smear Vaseline all over nose area to prevent chafing and inside nostrils to trap pollen, and

(3) slick on some Vicks Vapourub if necessary to clear the air channels.

High pollen count in the last few days but hayfever is still tolerable. A result?? Some days I only needed two or three hankies. That is not bad at all.

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