Monday, August 28, 2006

Missing 'my boys'

Our church missionary to Spain was bringing a group of young Spanish people to the UK and we were asked to provide accommodation for them.

I had refrained from offering because I knew we were going to be just back from a trip and there will be lots of unpacking, laundry, cleaning, etc. But husband agreed when approached ('cornered'?) by the minister's wife.

Our two young Spanish lads, the only boys in the team, came on Wednesday and left yesterday. They were no trouble at all and now I miss them. (I say 'lads' and 'boys' ... they are in their early 20s. Yeah, husband and I are well old enough to be their parents.)

Though speaking little English (which was one of the reasons they are visiting the UK), we managed to communicate adequately, if slowly. They left early each morning and let themselves in whenever.

On the first morning they were so shy they did not dare eat anything more than a bowl of cereal.
On the second morning they learned to use the toaster and made themselves some sandwiches for lunch.

On the third morning (Saturday), they left before I got out of bed! We were in bed by the time they got home later that evening.

Yesterday at church they presented their special items at service. I was very proud of how well 'my boys' were able to sing in harmony. (The younger one is training to be a music teacher.)

They are such lovely boys I found myself wondering if my son, when he grows up, would also be lovely like these lads are.

My young son is disappointed that they had gone, 'I thought they were staying a few weeks.'

'No, a few days,' I corrected him. 'Would you like them to come stay with us again?'

Unexpectedly, from a boy who is normally very, very shy, 'Yes.'

So we said to them, they are welcome back any time.

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