Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Girls Aloud -- very loud

Been feeling a bit down with the cold. Husband has been working the weekends. Son has got a golf lesson to attend. So we decided to eat at the restaurant where the golf lesson was taking place.

For the first half hour we could not hear ourselves think, let alone talk.

A few metres from us were a group of 14 to 16 young girls at a birthday celebration. They were talking so loudly -- you would think it was a hen night party -- with the birthday girl's brother and parents looking on.

Shrieks, screams, loud raucous laughter. Noise.

The parents looked on and even joined in conversation, sometimes shouting across the table. I stared and caught the attention of one young girl, but she pretended that she didn't see me.

Then I caught the eye of another diner and he shook his head in disgust. Our meal at this otherwise good restaurant was ruined.

Girl's father came back with a bin liner of birthday presents. Girl opened the presents in turn. I saw a card which declared that it was her 13th birthday.

Thirteen? And they are already behaving like that? Goodness! What would they be like at 18 and 21, I dread to think.

'If I had a daughter, she would be in serious trouble if she behaved like that,' I said to my husband.

'Pardon?' He couldn't hear me.

'Plebs,' he muttered at some other point.

When finally the girls went (and I felt like applauding), I noticed the father driving off with the son in a sporty looking car. Then the mother and daughter drove off in the green Jaguar we had noticed earlier was parked over two parking spaces.

'That says it all,' husband philosophized.

Welcome to the "don't-care-about-other-people" generation. Mark II.

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