Sunday, October 29, 2006

A second car? You must be joking!

Everything in the house belongs to 'Mum and Dad'. But the car is 'Daddy's car'.

Somehow I can never think of the car as 'our car'. It's long, it's wide, it's a gas guzzler.

It also sits on our front drive for most of the week doing precious little. There's the weekly shop and the airport run for our hordes of visiting relatives ... well they do seem to visit all at the same time.

When son was in a push-chair, I pushed him everywhere. Then he started school and I found myself driving everywhere, and putting on weight, and feeling a lot less fit.

So I've started walking every where again. I feel much fitter and I get to meet more people, talking and chatting with my neighbours, etc.

I hate 'Daddy's car' and avoid driving it as much as possible. I have not driven it through a width restriction as I am almost certain that I would bash the mirror in. Being rather short, I have the seat pushed up right to the front to reach the pedals, but then I can't get the shade down when the sun shines into my eyes.

Also, I can't see where the car ends. It's true! I can't see where the bonnet ends. Reversing is a 'I hope I don't bump into anything too solid' job.

That, I think, is why you see so many small women drive those big four-wheel drives. They are able to see better, but few drive any better as a result of this. They just hope that other drivers would avoid them because they are so huge and intimidating.

Husband suggested that we bought a second, smaller car.

'Whatever for?' I've been saying.

It would just be a second car sitting on the drive as I still do not need a car except for the occasional journey I need to make when it is too far or too dark for my son to walk.

The only people who would benefit would be Mr Brown and the insurers.

Two things have persuaded me to re-consider a second-car option. The first is that my business is outgrowing our house. I will soon need to move to proper premises, or at least put some of the stock in storage somewhere else.

At the moment my 'school run' consists of a two-minute walk round the corner. Come next September, however, son will be required to do Games two afternoons a week at a location which will be too much for him to cover on foot at the end of a long school day. (He would still only be seven.)

There is a very good chance that I might be getting business premises across from these playing fields next year. A car will then become necessary to shift goods, equipment, etc between home, office, post office, etc, apart from picking up son (and possibly a mate).

So the hunt for a second, smaller, narrower, more eco-friendly car with enough room for goods and boys (even if not together) began.

I went to test-drive an electric car last Friday. It will be exempt from road tax, although it would still require insurance. It appears that I would also get free parking in 'controlled parking zones' (still checking on this one). The news from the business tax angle also sounds good.

Because the driver's seat is over the battery I actually appear to see much further from this driver's seat compared to 'Daddy's car'!

So, we're look set to get this little runaround -- glorified golf cart to some extent -- with ZERO carbon emission and I am getting rather excited. A green car for a green business. (Except that it would probably be silver, with advertising plastered all over it!!!!)


(And then to persuade husband to give up his car.)

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LSP said...

Well, this second car is on hold for two years as son does not need to do 'late games' at a different venue for another two years and because the incubator units for new businesses have not materialized, I have no new 'proper' premises to move into after all. Meanwhile, we've re-organized our house big-time to accommodate the stock.