Friday, November 03, 2006

Green Car for Husband ... Wow!

Must be doing something right.

Husband has decided that he will swap his gaz guzzler (not a Chelsea tractor) for a hybrid car.

He's finally seen the light!

Readers with a spouse/partner who does not seem to share your conviction about going green: hang in there!

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amur said...

is it better to get a new hybrid car which causes less pollution (arguably -where does the electricity come from???) or keep running my 18 year old 2.0 litre petrol car, thus not creating demand for another brand-new car and the environmental costs which that would create.... ??

LSP said...

The answer is "I don't know" as I am not an expert on cars. As far as I am concerned, the best way to cut carbon emission is to NOT use a car. I walk whenever/wherever I can. My husband uses public transport for work, etc.

If I have an older car which is well maintained, and which I would use only for longer unavoidable journeys, then I would personally prefer to keep that rather than "create the demand for another new car". That's the principle I now hold with my old non-organic clothes.

Not convinced this answer is helpful to you, Amur. Sorry!

amur said...

was just trying to put a wider perspective on the issue really. I agree with your points, though hypocritically I do rely on my car more than I perhaps need to... at least I'm honest about it though :D

LSP said...

Nothing beats honesty.