Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Cards

Son came home today with a card from every other boy in his class.

To be fair, he also gave a card to everyone in his class.

So we ended up with a pile of torn envelopes and cards that he is not likely to look at again.

Why do we do this? This card-giving business?

When I was growing up we weren't so much into sending each other cards. Certainly we did not give cards to people we saw all the time.

What a waste of paper, especially of the envelopes which can't go into the recycling (because of the glue, unless your local authority specifically allows this).

Perhaps we should just put out one card for each child in the class, and everyone gets asked to send greetings (ie sign) to everyone else except himself/herself. Then each child takes that one card home before Christmas.

Personally I can't be bothered to send cards to people I see the whole year round. Why send a card when you could send personal verbal greetings?

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