Thursday, January 18, 2007

More selfish behaviour

I was at Marks for some fresh bread rolls. Woman beside me decided to forgo the tongs provided to pick up the bread and other goodies. She decided to use her fingers instead.

That I didn't mind as she only picked out the buns she wanted. But instead of replacing the tongs -- putting them back in the holder provided -- she let them drop on its 'leash' so that they touched the floor.

She wasn't even remotely apologetic.

Immediately I alerted the staff working behind the counter about the situation. He cleaned the tongs immediately. Top marks to him. He even thanked me for bringing this to his notice.

I think I spoke loudly enough for woman to realize that I did not approve of her behaviour.

Back home and emptying my kitchen waste into the Council Brown Bin, dog-walker walked past and the dog decided to stop. There right in front of my house, just inside the boundary of our drive, the dog did a wee.

I said to the dog-walker, "Thank you very much!"

She had the audacity to reply, "It's only pee."

"Yes," I said, "And when my guests arrive they would have to step into it," as indeed we were expecting guests.

No word of apology. She just walked away.

To those people who believe in evolution: What is the human race going to evolve into next? I dread to think.

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Anonymous said...

If that were me, I'd be inclined to follow her home and wee on her drive, and see how she liked it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the suggestion. Gave me a good chuckle. It comes down to "do to others ..." does it not? It's amazing how so many people do not seem to have the ability to understand the impact of their actions on others. LSP