Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another scan

This morning found me trudging off to the hospital again, this time having drunk nearly two pints of water.

I couldn't get through the whole two pints. It was making me feel quite ill and I felt like throwing up. Then I found myself shaking, as the cold water made its way into deeper parts.

I had been recalled so that the sonographers could decide whether or not I actually do have an abnormal womb (see another post).

Bus journey and a long wait at the waiting room later, and after two other sonographers have had a go at scanning (both external and internal -- ouch!), the opinion was I do not have an abnormal uterus after all. What I have is probably a fibroid growing from where the surgeon had closed me up after a Caesarean-section.

I'm not sure if I'm any happier or clearer about the situation. Now we wait for the doctors to decide what could exactly be wrong with me and what therefore should the course of action be.

Meanwhile, life goes on. There are customers' orders to fill, a school uniform shop shift to do, and a family to look after.

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