Thursday, May 17, 2007

I don't need new blinds!

Nice lady phoned to check up on the state of our conservatory roof blinds.

We had these installed several years ago when the conservatory was added to give us extra room. This room, south-facing, has been great in being my 'drying room'.

I didn't have to wait for sunny days to hang out the washing in the garden or use the tumble dryer any more.

Whatever the weather, my clothes dry nicely -- if into a hard thing -- on the clothes-horse in the conservatory.

"What about the window blinds? We have new blinds on offer. We are having a special sale."

No, thanks. My curtains -- very expensive to make to order -- are doing its job very well.

"But there is a special sale on, up to 25% discount."

I understand, but what do I do with my perfectly good made-to-measure curtains?

I explained to her that it is not eco-friendly just to exchange these curtains for new blinds simply because there is a special offer on.

Why buy/use something new when the old ones are serving me very well.

"But there is a fantastic sale on!"

This young lady hasn't a clue. If people were to spend two to three thousand pounds (at a guess) for new blinds, then they are probably not going to quibble over 10% or 25% discount. So leave me alone.

My cloth curtains -- which had taken lot of pesticides to produce, I imagine -- are doing an OK job. Until this lot falls apart, we do not need new ones.


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