Friday, June 01, 2007

Enough to make you shake

So scientists have established a link between exposure to pesticides and Parkinson's Disease. (See article here.)

Am I surprised?

I was reminded of this as I was painting a radiator cover for my son's room. The fumes from the paint was giving me a headache.

Why was I using this paint? My husband bought it, is my lame excuse. That is another story I shall not go into.

There are so many things we use these days which are purportedly for our good, to make our houses look and smell nice. But the cost to human health during its production process and its lifetime cannot be ascertained.

As I was painting the walls of my son's room -- this time with more eco-friendly paint -- I was reminded of the scene I witnessed in Guangzhou (China) in the mid-1980s when China was just opening up.

There in the middle of a very busy street I saw Chinese workers painting the railings by a kerb using some rags which they dipped into the paint with their bare hands.

I dread to think what the effect of that would be on these poor men. But I was just another 'comrade' to them. (Because I looked just like them and the social anthropologist in me meant I dressed like them, I was mistaken as a local. But that's another story.)

I write this as another story is emerging of the EU wanting to speed through the lifting of a ban to "allow the remains of pigs and chickens to be used as fodder".

Do these people have such short memories? Do they not remember BSE?

Enough to make one shudder.

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