Saturday, August 25, 2007

Becoming More Like Mother

Because we don't collect pl-st-c carrier bags any more (except for the rare occasion when we get 'caught out') I now find myself keeping bags from loaves of bread, potatoes, etc for re-use. I'm afraid some of the organic staples we buy come in pl-st-c because the supermarkets want to make sure we pay the premium for them

Our meat and fish also come in pl--tic trays. Sometimes these are recyclable, sometimes not.

Whichever way, if they are left in the kitchen bin, the kitchen would start ponging very soon. So we put these out in the bin as soon as possible. But I also do not like the meat/fish juices to run into the bin as that means a long-term pong problem, or water wastage to clean the bins.

So the bread and potato pl--tic bags are kept for such occasions.

And I see pictures of my mum carefully washing out pla-t-c bags and hanging them up to dry.

I'm getting to be more like her every day!!

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