Monday, September 24, 2007

Hole-in-one ... shoe

This happened a few weeks ago but I never got round to blog this.

I discovered a hole in a shoe. It's not really a shoe, but a 'mule', I suppose you could call it that.

It's Marks/Sparks Footglove.

I showed my son the shoe, "Guess how long Mum has had this pair of shoes."

"Hmm. Seven years?"

"No, had these much longer than you've been around."

"Longer than you've been married?"


"Ten years?"

"At least."

More like eleven, I think.

I remember using those when I was doing my PhD fieldwork in a city "up north". I remember my 90-something neighbour (then only 80-something) saying how comfortable she found those shoes. She had a similar pair in black. Mine were an adventurous beige.

I remember spilling tea on my nearly-new mules and tried very hard to rid them of the stains. No luck.

Ah, well. No one's going to notice.

These shoes/mules/whatever stayed with me, tramped all over Singapore and the UK, put away in the winter and brought out when the weather warmed up. Thought there were about one and a half inch heels on those, they were the most comfortable shoes to run around town in.

Any way, it's history now. I put them in the bin. They were so worn, it couldn't even be given away. Somehow, in this throwaway age it seems so strange to have actually worn something to death.

Have I bought new ones to replace those?

Not ... yet.

Back to Organic-Ally.

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xXx ~ Jac ~ xXx said...

I love wearing shoes/clothes till they can't be worn again. They do si in Africa, I can do it here too. Hate the *I'm bored of it/it's out of fashion* type throw away society, so it's great someone does as I do. Oh, and you should see Mr Jac's slippers.... all holey but still wearable.