Monday, October 29, 2007

25 hours a day again and 'carbon-trading'

It must be my favourite day of the year. Better even than Christmas. Yes, the clocks moved 'back' last Saturday and we got that extra hour of sleep.

An extra hour of sleep? Not quite.

Sunday was also the day before the start of a new term. So we tried very much to get our son back on schedule. As such, rather than the usual lie-in, he was woken up ... quite early, shall we say.

I was also on 'meet-and-greet' duty at church which meant that we had to be there earlier.

Husband is now talking about getting that eco-friendly hybrid car again. We have been a one-car family for such a long time. But recently with my new duties at church it appears sensible to have another car sometimes.

We have now ordered a new car with such low CO2 emissions that the tax is only £35 a year. I won't get it till at least February.

I've never been comfortable driving husband's gas-guzzler. It comes in useful when we need to make certain kinds of journeys. I do not feel guilty about him owning one, as most of the time it is sitting in the drive doing zero miles. He simply pays a hefty road tax.

With this new car he's thinking of buying (hope he's not going to change his mind again), our combined CO2 emissions would come in one or two grammes above his current gas-guzzler.

On top of that our combined road tax will be LESS than what he is currently paying.

More importantly, we will get more boot space for all the airport runs that we seem to be doing (I AM a foreigner, after all, with loads of relatives outside the country).


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