Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Last week was a tough week.

One of the mothers who is such a rock when it comes to organizing PTA events like Quiz Night was suddenly taken ill, very ill. So I had to make alternative arrangements.

The lady who was supposed to arrange food notified me of the new prices and I nearly choked. I had to make alternative arrangements.

Fortunately the school cook stepped in and catered for us at very reasonable prices.

Last Wednesday was very long as we had a parents' evening at school and we were able to see what son has been doing in class. He was very keen to show us his books. I was a bit perturbed that he had been doing little more than adding three digit numbers together. He was complaining that this was far too easy. He wanted something more challenging.

Friday and we were told to collect our boys at 4pm instead of 5pm after their trip to the theatre. But this class returned very late and so the whole bunch of parents were standing around, getting impatient.

When the hall was free for me to start setting up, the parents were still loitering with intent. I had a bright idea: why not ask them to come help me move the tables into the hall?

Some of these parents did. Others refused to help. O well, maybe standing there would make the boys return faster, I don't know.

But I was feeling very depressed about this.

Here I am organizing events to raise funds for the school so that the sons of these parents could benefit from new equipment. We just gave the school £16000+ to build a new playground and are giving them even more money to decorate the playground.

Not only is the response so very dismal from parents in my son's Form in terms of attending events, some of them are even quite negative.

So I felt very, very hurt when after I've asked -- nicely -- please if only each person would move a table into the hall I won't have to carry all the 15 tables in by myself, some parents refused to help.

I am too tired now to write any more.

Back to Organic-Ally.

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