Wednesday, December 19, 2007

God rest ye merry

"What would you like for Christmas?" husband kept going.

"Actually, some rest will be nice," was my sincere reply.

Apart from a 'Winter Warmer Fair' at school (because this was held in late November) and a 'Secrets Room' (where children get to 'shop' for presents for their parents to surprise them at Christmas), an Advent Service and end-of-term concert to attend at school, I also decided that I cannot just buy gifts for the teachers.

So it would have to be something we make. Dug out an old shortbread recipe. Not sure now if it works. So, researched and decided to change the weights of ingredients.

The modified recipe worked alright. What about the container? Took some card paper, marked out the corners and thought I would cut and staple those back like I used to do when I was nine. But son took a look at it and came up with another idea.

Instead of cutting and stapling we merely folded the corners into 45-degree angles and stapled.

Then the shortbread went into some foil and into the box. On the box was a sticker with the ingredients: organic flour, organic butter, organic sugar and 'lots of gratitude for making learning fun'. This was then placed in one of our own little gift wrapper bags. Add a tag. Voila!

O! Son made some origami (frog, ladybird, flower) for some of the teachers.

It was nice that at least a couple of teachers took the trouble to let me know that they appreciated something home-made. Fact is I wanted to give something money can't buy. So to put 'lots of gratitude ...' in I had no choice but to make something.

The only problem was I started so late and could only made two batches every day. Next year, I must start earlier.

The shop was also busy -- I am not complaining -- and I was constantly filling orders and taking these to the sub-Post Office. And of course the sub-Post Office was a bit busy.

"Goodwill to all men"? Some people seem to have the least goodwill at this time of year, which is very sad indeed. So it is good to see that the owner of my friendly neighbourhood sub-post office is unflappable. We are queueing out of the door but he still gives full attention to every one who comes through. There is no rushing him.

Never mind. My shop has more or less closed for Christmas as orders are not likely to get to the customers in time for Christmas.

So on to preparing for guests, and food, and refurbishing the website.

God rest ye merry ...? Yes, I would very much like to rest me merry.

God rest ye merry, too!

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