Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bucking the trend

It has been a busier than expected year-end for me. I am not complaining. In fact it was very exciting and rewarding.

I did notice that in the real shops, prices were being slashed before Christmas and I wondered what the effect that would have on the profit margin. According to M&S: not so good.

Anyway the crazy sales continue and I must confess that I have taken the opportunity to buy a few things that I need, thinking ahead.

So for customers who do read this blog my apologies for not being able to offer a massive post-Christmas sale at Organic-Ally.

What I've done was to keep prices low BEFORE Christmas, knowing that I would need to put up prices after that.

My Canadian supplier has put up both retail and wholesale prices by 15%, but my wholesale discount has gone down instead of up. In other words I have to pay more for less. The currency exchange rate also means I am being further disadvantaged.

Other overheads are also going up all the time.

I hope to remain economically viable so that this business can carry on.

Many thanks to customers, especially those who return again and again. We won't be here without you.

Back to Organic-Ally.

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