Monday, February 11, 2008

Going blind

I was in a flap.

I had sent off my passport to a government agency for something to be done and had taken care to do so by special delivery. Because husband had done the actual registration I had assumed that he had arranged all payments and would have organized the passport to be returned by special delivery.

No, he hadn't. There was nothing to pay, he said, so he could not pay for return postage, special delivery or not.

So I fretted for the best part of a week. The passport was returned by ordinary post on Saturday. They required it again because something else was not sent. So, another trip down to post office to organize special delivery to and fro this time.

I worked in Amsterdam where the trade of certain types of passports is good business. It is also going to be a real hassle if I did lose my passport. So I guess I "had the right" to be worried.

Then I got a letter from husband's late cousins's partner. She is going blind slowly, and her daughter is only going on 16 with GCSEs to sit, and needed to be transported to and from school because they live in a little village somewhere.

How was she going to do this when she couldn't see to drive, or could not afford a taxi, or the bus services finishes too early for the girl to return from school?

My fear about losing my passport pales in significance when I discovered what she is going through.

Especially in this period of Lent, I must remain grateful for what I have.

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