Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ban the Bag

There's been a lot in the news lately about the impact of pl-st-c bags on the environment.

It's the bag's birthday it seems.

Today's news was also about the rubbish thrown up on the island of Midway and the dangers they hold for the albatrosses which mistake the the likes of disposable pl-st-c cigarette lighters for food.

Then we saw footage of some rubbish taken out of a chick and it turned out to be the plastic net-bags that supermarkets put their fruit in, still attached to a display 'hook'.

Elsewhere in cyberspace I caught up with a recent story of how pl-st-c bags are not the cause of injury to marine life, that a report had been misquoted, and that it is fishing nets that cause these injuries, etc, etc.

Perhaps. But we are against p. bags not only because of marine life, but that a massive amount is sent to landfill. Not just bags, but the rest of single-use pl-st-c packaging that drives us mad.

People shopped and did OK before the invention of pl-st-c bags and will continue to do so. So, why the controversy? Why the debate?


Lots of people with vested interests, those who manufacture and market these products. They need to save their jobs.

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