Monday, March 17, 2008

Converting to Cloth (Day Four)

Monday: back at school, office, etc for all.

Long liner feeling a bit bulky. Soaked it and swopped for a clean regular liner.

School 'run' -- walk in my case. Waited around to check with the new chairman that she's OK with the Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow. Also handed over a special fruit bar for boy with severe food allergies.

Back home to prepare address labels for all the parcels to go later this afternoon. Oops! time to move on to H's house.

Prayer meeting with my ladies in the morning. So many health and homelessness issues to pray over.

Back home for a few minutes. Printed the delivery orders. Oops! time to go meet Liz at the coffee place. It was her birthday yesterday and her day off today.

Had a nice chinwag for about two hours! Discovered that I had suffered a big spurt while enjoying my chat. Pad had been stained.

Back home. Filled orders. Post Office run (ie walk).

Back home. School run (ie walk).

After dinner, swopped a new pad and liner. No major issues with the cloth pad.

Did post on my RGS forum and still awaiting more of what the 'girls' have to say about pre-disposable pads sanpro.

Basically, the thought of reusable cloth sanpro is quite repulsive. I don't blame them, for various cultural reasons. Washing out bloody pads is also not practical in Singapore when every single drop of water is metered and had to be paid for. Someone noted that she hasn't even got a proper place to dry her clothes.

Nearly bed-time now. Waiting for washing cycle to complete in order to hang out son's towel and my other 'liner'.

Cloth has been good to me. So far.

Back to Organic-Ally.

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