Friday, March 14, 2008

Converting to Cloth (Day One)

Before bed I noticed I was spotting. Usually I would stick on a regular pad, knowing that the flow will not be heavy.

So, took the pad out, and thought: hang on a minute, what about the cloth one?

Retrieved a regular 'liner', folded it into four-layer thickness and inserted it into a 'long' pad.

Took care to wrap my sarong round me in bed just in case there is a leak.

Friday morning: liner was quite clean, surprised. Swopped the near-spotless pad onto new knickers. The Bridget Jones pants will do better. (Had a disposable pad been used, the near-spotless pad would not have stuck onto clean knickers. Yes, it would have been binned/landfilled.)

Now I have a hectic morning. Do I really want to rely on cloth? Decided to stick at it, but put a disposable pad in my bag just in case I needed it and also found a little pl-st-c bag to store the used cloth liner.

That was 6.30 in the morning. It's 1.45pm and my liner is spotted but still relatively clean. This is because I seem to spurt blood only when I go to the loo, and I had gone several times since this morning. (Our body retains water before the onset of periods. Perhaps I am losing more water once the period started. Apart from my drinking lots of water.)

I also went and bought me a little container with a lid. It also has 'feet'. At the library the librarian spotted this thing with 'feet' in my string bag.

"Any why do you have that thing on you?"

"Do you really want to know?" I wondered how she would have responded if I told her about my switching to cloth sanpro.

Thankfully she politely said, "Perhaps not."

Will break now for some lunch.

What a coincidence that I bought a 'foot bowl' (see previous post) with feet on it!


Bed-time: By 7pm the liner was still fairly clean. I decided that I would add a 'long' liner underneath the 'regular' one before going to bed.

The regular was re-folded so that I had a dry surface.

To bed.

Back to Organic-Ally.

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