Sunday, March 16, 2008

Converting to Cloth (Day Three)

Sunday: Liner was as I left it last night when I went to bed. Unusual as days two and three are often 'heavy' days.

Some cloth users have noted that their periods get lighter. I cannot see the logic in this. I suspect -- and I could be wrong -- cloth-users take precautionary measures to prevent staining and go to the loo more often. We bleed directly into the bowl and so the pads seem less stained and the periods lighter.

Any way decided that I will use the smaller 'regular' pad with the longer liner. I folded it in such a way -- I prefer to hide the edging in whatever way possible -- that I basically have about four layers of thickness. Looked a bit bulky. Wondered if it would show underneath the trousers. My boys tell me it's alright.


8.45pm: Bleeding had gone all quiet it seems. Tiny spotting. That's all. I cannot believe it. This is Day Three!!

By the way I left the long liner and pad soaking while we were at church. Tried cleaning off the stains with soap after lunch. Staining still bad, so soaped the worst stains by rubbing the stains with the bar of soap like an eraser until the white foaming of the soap blanked out the stain. Threw the pad and liner back in the 'bucket'.

A couple of hours later, retrieved these, rinsed them out and put them in the regular wash (40 degree) with the household laundry. Both came out spotless. Marvellous.

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