Thursday, May 01, 2008

How could fathers do that?

Having posted three times about mothers (even though I sometimes meant 'mothers and fathers') I guess it is only right to post this.

But I found it too difficult to write about this. It challenges all that I held about fatherhood.

The news is still about the Austrian father who imprisoned and abused his daughter.

It has also affected my faith in thinking that "God does not make mistakes".

Did God make a mistake in allowing the birth of this very evil man?

Did God make a mistake in allowing the birth of these children/grandchildren?

Having learned that I nearly did not get born because of the impoverished state of my already large family (Mum was advised to abort me) I thank God that I was given an opportunity to life. I love my life. I feel that I have been able to do so much about my life.

Then we think of those children, many such children especially in areas of civil and political conflict, born of rape and we wonder "Why does God allow these children to be born?"

How could our all-loving God allow such children to be born to such suffering not of their own making, or even that of their mother?

I do not have the answers (yet?), but this case is just so beyond the incredible. It sickens me just to think of it. Was this a man, or was this an animal?

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