Saturday, June 07, 2008

Finding a fit

Many years ago at university someone -- who's now someone very important in Singapore -- said to me, "You have old men and women who like to tell stories, and young boys and girls who like listening to stories. Why not just put the two together?"

There are scientists who argue organic agriculture will not solve the world's food problems because there is not enough people to do the labour. Or it gets too expensive.

In the UK we have an exploding prison population and concerns that prisoners do not get to spend more than an hour outside their cell.

Why not put these prisoners to work in organic farms? Lots of sunshine (are you seriously talking about the UK?) and fresh air to give them lots of exercise. Tire them out and keep them out of trouble and off the drugs. Why not?

Prison has become so comfortable that for some it's a better place than to be on the streets. I hear stories that illegal migrants controlled by 'gangmasters' prefer a prison bed to themselves in a warm cell to sharing a bed in a cold room.

What is the sense of locking up perfectly able men and women 'on Her Majesty's pleasure'? Her Majesty takes absolutely no pleasure in doing this, I am sure. If prison means hard work, then people will think twice about offending just so to avoid prison.

Or is this thinking too alien to the thinking of a 'developed nation'?

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