Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hay fever, cold, virus infection

Husband came back from work on Tuesday looking rather rough. One eye was bloodshot. He went to bed early.

We both had a difficult night. I was up blowing my nose, struggling to breathe, etc. He was up counting the hours to the next lot of pain-killers.

Next morning he was aching all over and so stayed in bed. It is difficult enough when a husband who has been as healthy as he could be suddenly finds himself not able to get out of bed. But I found that I was now also full of cold and feeling extreme tiredness.

So after school drop-off I too went to have a snooze to make up for the rather sleepless night we had.

I tried to get life back to 'normal' as much as I could. But husband appeared to be deteriorating and at one point was groaning in some pain. So it was decided that we needed a doctor to call.

But it was "too late" for our GP practice to send a doctor. We had to wait for some three hours till "after hours" for the out-of-hours Harmoni doctor to call. Why? I don't know.

School run, late today as there was Fun Choir. Then a quick change-around as today was also the day he had to get down to the park to test for his Cub's Athlete's badge. Made arrangement with the neighbour to let the doctor in should he/she call when we were out.

The tests were completed quickly and we rushed home. Neighbour was standing at her front door, looking out for the doctor who, as I thanked my neighbour, was being driven up in a "Doctor on Call" car.

He checked out my husband who appeared to have improved quite a bit, tested urine sample, etc and decided that it was a virus. Little we could do. We know that with the immuno-suppressants he is on, any infection would be a bad one. Off I went to the chemist to get him some stronger pain-killers.

Thankfully husband made a gradual recovery on Thursday. He wanted to get back to work on Friday but eventually decided that it was best that he had complete rest and recovery before going back to work.

But I had to discharge my usual Friday morning duties with a community group. It was a particularly stressful session. The person in charge was away and while we had extra helpers there was a lot of 'unusual' activities that only I could tend to.

When I came home in the afternoon, I was exhausted. Son was on a school trip, which meant coming home late. Then it was a quick change and feed before taking him to Cubs.

The weekend found me between bouts of dizziness and extreme tiredness requiring bed rest and sudden bursts of energy enabling me to, eg, iron son's school shirts.

I am looking forward to some 'normality' next week. But tomorrow is another stressful day: piano exam in the morning and clarinet exam after school for son. I will be very glad when I see 4.30pm tomorrow.

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