Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hay fever

Didn't really kick in this year till about two weeks ago. Even then it has not been at all bad.

But Saturday was a different story.

Cousin has flown in to see her supervisor. As she often does, she took us out for a meal and we went to a nice Thai restaurant. Good food it was.

Took my anti-histamine pill as usual. Fell asleep at some point.

Then at about midnight it seemed, fireworks went off. Someone close by were letting off fireworks with loud bangs at every second for a while. Why do people wait till midnight to do this?

And to celebrate what?

Totally inconsiderate.

Any way, didn't manage to get back to sleep with my nose thickening up. After getting up every minute or so to blow my nose into hankies which were getting sodden, it was time to move into the bathroom.

I sit on the 'throne' reading, and blow my nose into the sink whenever necessary. Dab hot water all over the face. That way it gets a 'steaming' effect and the tubes are cleared a little.

I read my book. I blow my nose. I blow my nose. I read my book.

Nothing more intellectually challenging than my son's Famous Five books, I'm afraid. He has graciously loaned me those for the season.

Was in the loo then till about half-past three. Finally tired enough to drop off, thick nose or not. Managed to stay asleep for another two hours.

Father's Day, right?

Son duly came in and deposited his card and present. We decided that I was in no fit state to get to church and the others decided that -- since none of us has any 'duties' this week -- we'd skip the service.

Had breakfast and went back to sleep.

Strange, how even in the depths of my tiredness I kept thinking, "I haven't ironed my son's school trousers." (Did the shirts on Saturday.)

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