Monday, November 10, 2008

Small and Proud

OK, I must confess I am a Strictly Come Dancing fan. As I started this post I thought of Heather Small because I could hear her song, "What have you done today to make you feel proud?"

Or something like that.

Our freezer continues to be rather bare and we are wasting much less food than we used to.

Amongst other things I learned that though sliced bread is convenient a whole loaf of bread keeps better.

Like many people I know I am hopeless at slicing bread. It usually looks OK when I start at the top but 'it' usually disappears before the knife gets to the bottom of the loaf and I'd have a slice of bread with no crust on the bottom half. Not any good for toasting as it would burn.

It was interesting then to hear mum-in-law congratulate herself on being able to slice bread quite well when she was over to mind our child over a weekend. "Your bread knife is nice and heavy and it goes straight down."

Even mum-in-law who had difficulty slicing bread found it easy enough when using our bread knife. That gave me a lot of confidence.

Now we buy whole loaves, and with only one surface exposed after that first cut, our bread is lasting longer. There is less 'surface area' for mould to get going. And even if it does get mouldy, one could just slice off that offending bit. (Downside: no bread-and-butter pudding!)

Because I am slight of build I always opted for light tools. But it takes a heavy bread knife to help me do a good job of slicing bread. So what seems a logical choice/move does not always give the best result. Just listen to my son here.

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